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EcoSonic - Sound Quality Presentation

Presenting a poster on our EcoSonic work on modeling changes in Acoustic Ecology and weather patterns tomorrow at the CAP LTR conference on long term monitoring https://sustainability.asu.edu/events/rsvp/cap-lter-all-scientists-meeting-and-poster-symposium/


January 4, 2018

Recording Sounds in Joshua Tree National Park – Workshop Dec.14

Capitalizing on the power and beauty of sounds in the park, sound artists Garth Paine and Sabine Feisst offer 2-hour workshops that teach both listening skills and field recording techniques. These workshops include creative activities such as sonic meditations and sound mapping. Locations TBD – Probably Barker Dam

December 14, 2017 - 7:00 am

Joshua Tree workshop schedule 2017-18

The Acoustic Ecology Lab’s Sabine Feisst and Garth Paine and running a series of workshops with Joshua Tree National Park through the JTLab initiative. Feel free to come and join in   Hearing Joshua Tree National Park ­– Workshops Sound gives life to our environment and heightens our experience of place. Sound artists Sabine Feisst […]

November 15, 2017

Featured Publication

The American Southwest as Muse: Maggi Payne’s Sonic Desertscapes

Sabine Feisst

Deserts have long captivated the imagination of musicians. Ferde Grofé, Edgard Varèse, Olivier Messiaen, and Steve Reich among others created compositions reflecting desert landscapes. Most of them, however, have had little familiarity with these places. David Dunn, Richard Lerman, and Maggi Payne, on the other hand, have developed strong connections with deserts and portrayed them in numerous works, compelling examples of sensitive engagement with Southwestern landscapes. This paper centers on Payne, one of few women composers whose music often features deserts in California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. Three works, Airwaves (realities), Desertscapes, and Apparent Horizon, will be analyzed and contextualized against the background of Payne’s environmental philosophies.

Feisst, S. (2016). The American Southwest as Muse: Maggi Payne’s Sonic Desertscapes. Contemporary Music Review, 35(3), 318-335.